Question of the Week- week 2

“What is the first thing you saw this morning that made you smile?”



A family in our neighborhood…

Inspiration can come from all directions, or seemingly out of thin air. This family of quail are part of a landscape design native to southeastern Arizona. We have even seen a “crossing guard” leader quail, check the road for traffic, then signal to a bunch of other quail that it was safe to go. We wish we had our camera that day, however we’ll include a beautiful picture of a quail along with our interpretation. Once we have drawn a scene, it is easily adapted. In other pieces, customers have requested the quail more front and center, bigger. In the original landscape for these quail in particular they are very small.


This gives the artist a starting point; she then draws her version of quail as a line drawing; she then creates the embossed 3D piece. This one below is an 8×10 in Copper. Some pieces are antiqued to give the piece definition and left like that, others do get paint touches depending on what the customer requests. In this case our artist designed the sun over the mountains to be made as the customer’s logo and paint to bring life to the cacti.  What is one of your favorite local wildlife?


Employee of the Month Gifts

Employee of the Month Gifts

Each embossed piece we do is hand finished and can be a one of a kind design built to your specifications. This photo is an example of a customer who orders Employee of the Month boxes for their office. Instead of the boxes, we can also design a piece that is framed for desk or for hanging.

What is “Question of the Week” and why do we do it?

We opened our store, Sundance Engravers in 1994 and spent the next 17yrs building a relationship with our customers who came in. Maybe it was a going away present for the outgoing Commander, a pet tag for your new puppy, or an award for your Eagle Scout, but whatever you ordered, we were honored to make sure it was more than you expected. In 2011 we closed our store physical location, but transitioned to the wide world web to maintain that relationship. We are a small, family business and the benefit to that is we can stay personal with each of you. One of the fun things we did over the years was have a question of the week, with a big dry-erase board so you could fill in your answer while you were waiting. Some weeks the questions were sentimental, others were fun, but all were designed to get you thinking about you. Often, customers would come in later in the week to pick up their item and would hang around longer to read some of the other people’s answers. Reading others’ answers would often incite laughter, or tears and always bring that human experience into our business. This brought us great joy. It didn’t have anything to do with engraving and that’s just the way we wanted it. Now that Sundance Engravers is branching out into the electronic world, we will be designing a website, and we also use our facebook to share pictures of our latest art pieces.  We are new to the blogging aspect of business and appreciate any input you may have of how you would like us to communicate with you. Along with updates of our work, personal stories of our small family business and more, we would like to use this blog as a way to bring back the “Question of the Week” and look forward to a lot of answers from You. Yes, this is an assignment 🙂 It is more fun when lots of people answer.  To begin, let’s revisit one of the stores all-time best-response questions. Thanks so much for your attention, involvement, and business. You are each truly appreciated.