Question of the Week- week 3

“When you write a book, what will it be about? Fiction or non-fiction?



5 thoughts on “Question of the Week- week 3

  1. Numerous novels have been written in my head. Some have been fiction, some non-fiction. If I were to bring one to a publisher, I would say it’s going to be fiction, and it’s going to be historical.-Lori

  2. I have envisioned a short book titled “no lack of faith”. About how i disagree with people who think there is no faith in the world. Because i see faith every day…from the driver of the pick up truck talking on his cell phone while his toddler walks around on the front seat…on the highway… to the person that fills their gas tank while smoking. Fiction or non-fiction…hmmmm. that part of the question depends upon the reader’s perspective. —Robin

  3. My book would be about my family. Having done genealogy most of my life, I would write the stories — not just a bunch of fact – that I heard about those I never knew and those I did (or do) know. I would write it FOR my family.

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